Our School

Our  School of Ministry was established to meet the educational needs of the body of Christ.   We seek to further the cause of Christ in the earth by helping His people to grow and mature spiritually.   Our classes afford us the opportunity to  worship together as a community of believers. We support and encourage one another. We nurture the faith in a variety of ways including adult education programs and adult study groups.  

A Holistic Approach
Our Associates Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs as well as our Master's Program have been developed by Freedom Bible College & Seminary.  Our Christian Life Coach Certification Program was developed by Freedom Bible College & Seminary and BVT Ministries.   We have partnered with them to establish off-site campuses to implement these programs.  We offer these degrees to enhance those who are called to leadership in the ministry.  The secular educational curriculums do not always offer the scriptual balance  needed when working primarily in "Kingdom" building.  Click here to see  Associates Curriculum 
 Click here to see Bachelors Curriculum
Both of our degrees are offered in an accelarated format because we realize that life still requires us to manage our lives outside of school.  Many of our students are employed full-time and are still raising their families so we have taken great effort to "trim the excess" and/or "non-essential"; thus making our program as accommodating as possible, without compromising its real value.

There are twelve courses in our Associates Degree in Biblical Studies and 24 courses in our Bachelor's in Church Ministry or Church Administration.  We have currently added to our curriculum, Certified Life Coach Degree which can be achieved in 3 months.  We have also partnered with Freedom Bible College and Seminary to add additional degrees to our program.  You may receive more specific information upon request.

 We have run our School of Ministry's curriculum  in Wilmington, DE,  Baltimore, MD, Fredericksburg, VA and Austin, TX

YOU MAY CONTACT by phone at 302-893-4018 or 302-588-8386

Dr Marci Tilghman-Bryant, Pastor/Educator
Director Of Schools